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How can health be defined? To explain it in medicine terms, it can be said that it is the well being of the organism, both physical and psychological, achieved by normal functioning of all systems and with the help of maintained chemical processes that happen within the body. What is important for the organism is to function properly and that can be achieved by normal eating and normal physical activity.


Eating is a big problem for many people. There are literally thousands and thousands of different meals; each country and each region in the country have their favorite meals, specific for that area, which tells us how much people appreciate a good and tasty meal. Unfortunately, tasty and healthy do not go hand in hand all the time. To keep the organism healthy through eating, some rules have to be applied.

First of all, there has to be a large number of meals in a day. Some will say 5, but even more should be applied, if possible. This might be a problem for some people because this usually means that more time has to be spent for preparing and eventually eating those meals. On the other hand, increased number for meals means that the amount of food is reduced and that should shorten the time of both consumption and preparation. Eating smaller portions of food will definitely help the body, especially the digestive system. Small amount will be processed quickly, which means that body can access the energy gained from that food more easily. Also, with so many meals, the digestion process will be always active and that requires some energy, which helps with weight reduction.


Power for health: healthy food for a healthy body – how can this be explained? There are healthy food types that will bring the organism a lot of vitamins and minerals. Also, with proper selection of food, all nutrients will be taken in amounts large enough for the body's needs. There is a thing that might help in making the meals. It is called a food pyramid chart and it is based on usually three, sometimes more levels. The lowest level is rich in healthy food only and it is all about fruits and veggies. Even though some fruits do contain high amounts of carbohydrates, those are healthy carbs, easily processed in the organism. It is important to maintain normal ratio of nutrients in the organism, with carbs ratio being the highest, followed by proteins, while fats should be taken minimally.

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