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Food has become some sort of the obsession for most of us. And furthermore, some find refuge in it from every day stress. It is obvious how and why obesity affects many people in world, especially in the developed regions, where all sorts of food, both healthy and junk are available.

Defining nice

Esthetics today presents more than just a visual interpretation of what surrounds us. This means that looking great, dressing nice looking clothes and even eating nice food is something many people simply need to do in order to function properly. It is clear why a nice looking body seems pleasant, but is it the same thing with food? It seems that food that appear to our eyes as pleasant is eaten much easier. How can this be used? To some extent, creating great looking meal with veggies and very small quantity of meat (just like in diets) will be much easier to eat than not so nicely prepared meal.

Still it is obvious that food is nothing more than bunch of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins we need to ingest in order to live and function properly. Making something more out of it is ok, but it will also consume certain amount of time, and it depends on the person and if he or she is willing to sacrifice free time in order to prepare nice looking food. Of course, restaurant is always an option, but for most of us, eating all meals every day in restaurant is expensive.

Defining healthy

Can healthy and nice go hand in hand? Of course they can. Some patience is needed, but serving a nice looking lunch can even raise the mood and happiness. Still, some basic rules when it comes to a healthy meal should be obeyed. Balanced meals might be the healthiest, but those include defining the proper balance of basic nutrients and that also takes some time. Healthy also means eating 5 meals a day, three major and 2 lighter ones. Breakfast should not be skipped and when it comes to calories, some say that it should be the meal with the highest calorie value. Junk food should be avoided at all costs, and taken only if there are no other options. Meat with low cholesterol, fish, vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products, grain, these all can be included in all meals. All food should be nice, but what is more important, all food must be healthy.

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