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Preparing a healthy meal today is simply a necessity in order to maintain a healthy organism capable of fulfilling daily tasks. And not only the content should be healthy; but the time of eating should always be the same in order to avoid hunger and teach the body not to overeat.

5 meals a day

Healthy main courses and other daily meals should be planned carefully. Still, it does not take much time to create a weekly schedule, which would make things easier. And the timing of meals should be set so that we never feel hunger, no matter how much we eat. Therefore, 3 main courses with 2 light snacks should be enough for getting through the day. Of course, meals should include good nutrients, while junk food and sodas are not allowed. Snacks might be fruits with good carbs, breakfast and lunch should be main courses, which means that they should provide the highest amount of energy for organism. Also, problem with making food is that people often tend to make more food and eventually eat it all, which might lead to obesity, especially if there is no physical activity involved (exercises, professions that require physical exertion etc.). Obesity is a problem that just might become a medical issue number one in the world. Overeating and gaining extra weight for most people is just a compensatory method for accumulated daily stress.

Main course example

It is easy to cook different and interesting main courses each and every day. This is due to the fact that through mass media, recipes from all around the globe are available to everyone. We can even say that each day of the year might include a different main course, and a healthy one, too.

Mahi Mahi is a delicious meal that includes season fish and all sorts of interesting sauces, such as honey, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger root, garlic, pepper, and some other as well. The interesting thing about this meal is that it is done in just over 30 minutes and it contains only 260 calories per serving, while there are 4 available servings. Also, if 2000 calories are taken in a day, this one meal will provide with about 25% of all nutrients needed. The rest can be taken with other meals, or not, if some other diet is used. This is just one of the many examples of tasty and healthy main courses. With a little effort and imagination, main courses and other too can be very innovative, delicious and fun. Why not, food should be enjoyed just like many other things in life.

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