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The basic facts about diets

It is already well known which are the unhealthy ways to slim down; those are starving, the diets which are based on the artificial products and the fad diets. They are not healthy first of all, because after them, the organism lacks of the basic nutrients, and secondly, they are likely to cause the recurrence of the lost pounds, because of the usual consequence of overeating after them.

It sounds rather simple to choose the proper foods, but the biggest problem is that, nowadays, there is the serious depletion in the organic foods and the majority of foods are processed. When the food is enriched with the artificial substances in order to enlarge the production and preserve its freshness for a longer period of time, it becomes not so healthy as it was beforehand. So, the best advice is to seek the help of a nutritionist who makes each diet according to every individual.Which foods are beneficial for this purpose?

In order to slim down the healthy way, besides including a regular workout plan into the lifestyle, it is necessary to know which foods are low in calories and, at the same time, rich in the healthy nutrients. So, why not increase the overall health when leading a dietary eating regime?

It should be also realized that the foods should replenish the body with the right fuel for energy, that is, with the non-complex carbohydrates and the unsaturated fats, because one of the biggest mistakes the people tend to make is to completely eliminate those nutrients from diets. That could be rather dangerous, since those are among the vital nutrients for our organisms.

Besides that, the consumption of the veggies, fruits and the whole grains should be increased because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers and they contain rather low levels of calories. At this point, it should be emphasized that the less the foods are processed with heat, the bigger amount of the essential nutrients will be preserved and the less amount of calories will be added. And, when it comes to the liquids, the carbonated drinks should be replaced by the plain water (at least 8 glasses on a daily basis), the freshly squeezed fruit juices, or by the cooled teas made from the beneficial herbs.

As already mentioned, the veggies and fruits are better to be eaten in the raw form, or only slightly processed, for example, if only grilled or cooked over the steam. Therefore, one of the best ways to prepare them are by making salads and even introduce them instead of the snacks between the 3 basic meals, and that way the goal of the 5 smaller meals, instead of the 3 big ones, will be achieved. This is also very important because this schedule of eating is very beneficial for the improvement of the metabolism and the digestive functions. And, the best thing is to combine this eating regime with the regular workouts.

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