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It is obvious that living healthy today requires much from us, starting from the healthy meals that have to be prepared, which requires time, money and skills. Exercising should be applied for having a strong body that can easily carry out daily activities ,and some form of control has to be present as well for not eating too much, not drinking, not smoking, not exaggerating with everything, more or less.

Healthy body

Having a healthy body might prove to be harder than we think, but the major thing that we should be cautious about refers to the eating habits. Healthy and balanced menu might prove to be more than enough for having a healthy body and healthy life. There are several theories when it comes to how many meals there should be in a day. Some say that there must be at least three major meals and two snacks. Snacks are between big meals for dealing with the hunger. There is another theory that says three meals are more than enough, but with solid food, because it stays longer in the stomach and thus prevents hunger from occurring.


What should be present in a healthy meal? It is all about the balance, proper ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Of course, if there is some problem with weight, then that ratio should be shifted toward certain nutrient. This is the basic element of dieting. Also, another essential thing that might help is the use of herbs and vitamins for good health. Vitamins are needed on a daily basis, and if there are not enough vitamins, hypovitaminosis might occur. Vitamins must be taken, and if it is possible, it should be done through vegetables and fruits in meals. Vitamin cocktails are good, but not as good as a real thing. Whatever, the means of taking, enough vitamins have to be present, but it is also important that maximum level allowed must not be breached.

As for the herbs, those are usually taken through herbal teas, which is an excellent supplement that can benefit greatly to our healthy lifestyle. Teas might have a lot of positive effects. One is the presence of anti oxidants, substances that eliminate toxins called free radicals from the organism. Also, there are teas that help with stress relieving, intestinal problems, headaches etc.

Obviously, there are a lot of positive things that are offered by herbs and vitamins too. But, as already mentioned, no exaggeration must be present. Teas and vitamins should be taken as allowed and needed, nothing more is necessary.

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