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Worlds famous vegetable food

Potato is certainly the most popular kind of vegetables, we meet in our nutrition. Usually, potato is known as food which gives extra weight, but on the contrary, we are going to discuss about their good sides.

Whether the potato will be good or bad for diet of each individual, depends on the manner of the eating or preparing it. Making by frying, with bacon, mayonnaise, and other unhealthy fats will result in losing all potatoes healthy nutrients, not the mention all that extra calories which will be gained during that process of preparation. On the other hand, if prepared as mashed potato with teaspoonful of olive oil, tuna and salmon fish, which are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 (fatty acids which play crucial role in brain function as well as normal growth and development) or served as salad with garlic, will only benefit to your body.

Healthy qualities of the potato

However, prepared in the right way, potato is very healthy and useful vegetable because its rich carbohydrate content provides our organism to digest more easily and gives us energy. Many of you probably didn’t know that potato is often used in therapy where lowering the blood pressure is needed. That way, potato helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Other benefit of this vegetable is enhancing the function of the brain. Quantity of carbohydrates as well as vitamin b6, which are found in potato, balance level of glucose which helps brain to function properly and, that way, give anti- stress feeling. Potato also plays important part in strengthening the defending system of organism, because of its antioxidant substances, which, combined with vitamin b6, help in development of the new cells. Also this food is very good in diets where patients are supposed to lose weight.

One more good characteristic of this vegetable is that it improves the skin’s quality both consumed by eating or applied externally. Their antioxidants and vitamins are good in fighting against pimples and blackheads, providing that way, the smoother look of the skin.

Once we are introduced with all the good sides of this healthy vegetable, must also remember that a good nutrition is only well balanced nutrition. That means, despite all the benefits of potato, essentially important is amount of calories we are taking this way. Excessive consumption of this food can increase glucolse levels. If consumed in large amounts only can result in getting extra weight.

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