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Better than Other Food

Some food types are simply betterthan the others. Whether it regards nutrition or the amount of healthy elementscontained, some food simply surpasses the other types. These types of food arecalled superfoods for these reasons. These mostly contain a large amount ofantioxidant, being capable of fighting the harmful free radicals. Also, theyare rich in vitamins and minerals which provide great help in the formation andwell functioning of our organism. All in all, those types of food which haveincredibly large amount of all the elements mentioned above, capable ofoffering us amazing amounts of healthy nutrients, deserve to be calledsuperfoods indeed. The following lines will explain why and will name some ofthe well known superfoods you can introduce to your diet.

Which Food is Superfood?

One of the most well-knownmembers of the superfood group is garlic. This vegetable is more than rich inmany substances useful for our health. A large concentration of vitamin C makesgarlic an excellent antioxidant source. Moreover, selenium found in garlic addson to the antioxidant characteristic. It also has manganese, which is a mineralresponsible for many bodily functions such as our bones, brain, nerves andfertility. Large amounts of vitamin B6 only increase the value of thisvegetable since this vitamin helps in our blood cell and antibody production.Some of the elements in garlic are also very good for reducing the levels ofcholesterol in one's body.

Next on the list is the legendarygreen tea. The tea made from this herb is well-known for its health values.Namely, it contains many powerful antioxidants which are capable of protectingone from cancer and heart diseases. It also protects us from many otherillnesses and regenerates our liver. Nevertheless, due to its strong acidicproperties, you are not advised to drink it on an empty stomach.

Broccoli is the king ofsuperfoods. This vegetable has it all. It is one of the best protectors againstcancer, due to its high concentration of antioxidants. Also, it has manyvitamins, minerals like zinc, selenium and vitamin C, which all contribute toboosting one's immunity, fighting off diseases and making one's body rich withall the nutrients it needs.

Finally, fatty fish is known tobe the best type of food when it comes to providing us with the powerful omega3acids. These acids are very useful for our memory and brain functions. Theseare also beneficial for the heart and are known to protect us from cancer andother diseases. Everyone except pregnant women and babies are advised to eatsalmon, sardines, herring or other fatty fish at least two times a week.

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