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Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is used in people’s diet in almost all countries of the world because of its nutrient content and medicinal properties.

Potato originates from South America, and it was brought to Europe in the 16th century. Now it is grown in many world areas.

Potato is a perennial herbaceous plant up to half a meter high with underground stem (tuber). Tuber is the only part of the potato that is used in a diet. It is round shaped and can be of different size.

There are over 1,500 species of potatoes in the world that were created by crossing and adapting to various climates. Potato grows in the lowland regions, but in hilly areas too.

Potato is the seasonal vegetable (summer - fall), but it is used in diet throughout whole year because it doesn’t require complicated storage and processing conditions.


Potato is poor in calories, but contains plenty of nutrients and medicinal ingredients: proteins fiberscopper beta-carotene vegetable fibers vegetable fats tartaric acid vitamin A vitamins B1, B2 and B6 Vitamin C Vitamin F iron dextrin lemon acidpotassium calcium magnesium manganese molybdenum neutral pH niacin nicotinic acid proteins starch carbohydrates flavonoids phosphorus zinc

Potato Usage

Potatoes can be used in the diet cooked, baked, fried or mashed. Potatoes are almost indispensable ingredients as a side dish to a variety of vegetables or meat dishes. Cooked or boiled potatoes are the healthiest. Fried potato is the most popular, but also the unhealthiest due to the presence of oil (fat) and because they are prepared at high temperature.

Health Benefits

Potato coverings are the old folk remedy against headache or fever. Coverings soaked with potato juice are recommended against herpes, open wounds, cracked skin, sores, pimples, and other skin disorders.

Potatoes contain a lot of healing substances, having a positive effect against the following diseases and symptoms: acne allergies anemia anxiety arthritis heart and blood vessels diseases headache dermatitis depression restrictive dietseczema skin diseases healing cracked skin insomnia some cancers open wounds viral infections PMS regulation of blood pressure regulation of overweight regulation of digestion itch stress pregnancy sprains herpes ulcers and pimples stroke Potatoes is grown and used in a diet in large quantities, in almost all countries of the world, due to their affordable price and help in maintaining good health. There are plenty of diets that are based on the dishes which have potatoes as the main components.

Potato is not recommended for diabetics.

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