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Sweet potato is one of the most popular items that the people consume around the world. But most of us are not aware that there are many health benefits that this kind of food provides. The popularity it has gained is attributed simply to the delicious taste it has, but not to the nutritional advantages, which makes this vegetable very good to eat. It is delicious and good for our health.

Nutritional Facts

We will see which vitamins, minerals and other nutrients sweet potato has. The focus will first be cast on the vitamins. Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamins, especially C and A. There is 38433 IU or 39.2 mg of vitamin C in just 200mg of cooked sweet potato. The measuring of vitamins is done in IU or International Unit. Also, when we compare this numbers to other very beneficial vegetable, like broccoli, they are just too high. These numbers are similar to those that cabbage and other green leafy vegetables have. Thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B6 are B vitamins that sweet potato has. There are 4 mg of vitamin B in sweet potato. When it comes to proteins and the amount of it, sweet potato is in the medium category. It has fewer proteins than cabbage, for instance, but more than almonds. There is an interesting fact that mashed potato has 3.96 mg of protein, while there are 4 mg in regular sweet potato. These numbers are connected with 200 mg of sweet potato. Sweet potato is also rich in minerals, and not only rich, but we can say that it is loaded. In just one cup, there are 950 mg of potassium, 54 mg of magnesium and 76 mg of calcium. Hormone balance and bones will benefit from the potassium that can be found in sweet potatoes, while the bones will benefit from calcium. In one serving, there is 108 mg of phosphorus, but there are low levels of copper and zinc, as well. It has a good amount of iron also, 1.4 mg.

Cholesterol and Saturated Fat

Sweet potatoes are extremely good for those who are having problems with weight. This is due to the saturated fat that sweet potatoes have in very low amount. This level is so low that some say that fat is not even present in the sweet potatoes. As you have seen, this vegetable is very good for a healthy body. It has high level of dietary fiber and low amount of saturated fat, which makes it extremely good for dieting. If you want to have a healthy body, you have to include this food in your nutrition.

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