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Today, sushi is very popular, andwe can find sushi restaurants almost everywhere, even at the airports andmalls, but we can also get sushi from the supermarket. Today you can buy frozensemi-prepared sushi and make it in your home. We will talk about the reasonswhy sushi is so good for our health. Many do not know that sushi is a greatsource of omega-3 fatty good acids. There are many benefits of eating sushi,and we will discuss several.

Benefits of sushi

The meal originally comes fromJapan, where it has been in use for many years. But the development of industryhas brought the creation of sushi fast food restaurants. This is one of themain reasons why sushi restaurants and sushi food are growing in popularity.Today, in almost every sushi restaurants you can find two types of rolls, makiand nigiri. Maki is made from a small bamboo mat in which rice is wrapped,while nigiri has vinegared rice, horseradish and a piece of fish, egg or crab.As we have mentioned, there are numerous kinds of sushi, which is why it isdifficult to know and talk about the nutritional values and health benefits ingeneral. But since we talk about the fish, we can say that sushi has highlevels of omega-3 fatty acids. They are also low in calories, fats andcholesterol, but rich in proteins. If you consume sushi, you can balance bloodpressure and cholesterol, and reduce chances of heart problems. The maki rollsthat we have mentioned, along with hand rolls, have seaweed, which is alsoimportant since it has many minerals. It also creates beneficial impact due toits antioxidant properties, magnesium, iron and calcium. Minerals found inseaweed help with the functioning of hormones. We have mentioned several mostcommon and important health benefits, and we hope you can see what a healthychoice sushi is.

Some advices and risks of consuming sushi

There are some risks whenconsuming sushi is connected. Remember that not every roll is the same. Somemay have many calories if there is mayonnaise or some similar item in them.Avoid restaurants you do not know, because sushi has to be properly prepared.If the fish is not cooked properly, viruses and parasites can be found in thesushi. Remember that frozen fish is the best choice sine the harmful materialis destroyed in this way. Since mercury is harmful for our body, and river andseas are high is mercury, this can be a problem. Fish such as tuna, shark,marlin and swordfish are usually the most prone to the transfer of mercury tohumans. At the end, we will give you several tips. In order to be sure ofthe food you eat, we suggest you go to a restaurant. Try to eat fish that aresmaller, since the chance of mercury transfer is the smallest with fish such asPollock, shrimps and catfish. You can also include more vegetable items in yoursushi.

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