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Vegetables are known to be the healthiest parts of one’s diet. However, it is also a fact that children consider vegetables their greatest enemies, often refusing to acknowledge the benefits. Nevertheless, one vegetable is accepted by all and there is almost no one in the world that dislikes it. This vegetable is potato. Potatoes, despite the fact that they are thought to be the least healthy, are the most favorite type of vegetables for many. But do these brown or golden, round shaped nutrients really that useless, or do they perhaps have many benefits people are just not aware of?

Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes are extremely rich in carbohydrates, and as such, they enable one to gain weight quite easily. Also, this makes it possible to be easily digested, with minimal loss of energy. Along with the small protein value they have, they make an excellent choice for the diets of those who do some kinds of sports requiring strength and physical mass as well as those who simply want to gain a pound or two quickly.

Many people already know the benefits raw potato slices can have on one’s skin. Namely, the richness in some minerals and vitamins make raw potato excellent for skin cleansing and dermatitis treatment. It also helps with skin damage and burns, speeding up the healing process and reducing risks of infection.

Water in which potatoes have been boiled is known to be effective when treating rheumatism. Additionally, smashed potatoes applied externally are known to successfully remove any inflammations while potatoes themselves, consumed internally, remove and reduce internal inflammations as well as ulcers.

Potato consumption is a known remedy for high blood pressure. Mainly because of the vitamins which are a part of this vegetable, it balances one’s blood pressure. However, be careful since it is not recommended to be used for these purposes by people suffering from diabetes, since insulin injections can often coincide with the above mentioned effect of potato causing more harm than good.

Additional Benefits

Besides all of the previously mentioned, potatoes are good for our brain activity and mental health in general, because of the omega 3 acid and the vitamins it has. It is also excellent for our heart and kidneys, mostly because of many minerals being a part of this vegetable.

Nevertheless, one should not forget that any excessive intake of potatoes will result in high weight gain and possibly obesity. Also, green potatoes, as well as potato leaves are known to be poisonous and should be avoided. Other than those, there is not a single thing wrong and unhealthy when it comes to potatoes and nothing should stop you being fond of them as regular guests on your plate.

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