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Home Exercising for Your Hamstring MusclesOur hamstring muscles, located on the back side of our thighs, are very useful to us, especially while we are running or walking. In fact, the athletes injure these muscles quite often due to overstraining or some other reasons. Therefore, you need to make you hamstring muscles stronger in order to rule out these possible injuries and complications.

Even though many hamstring exercises would require you to go to a gym, there are several ones you can do at home. You might include some weights or exercising machines, but most of the time, your body will be your main means of working out your hamstrings.

Hamstring Exercises in Your RoomThe first exercise for your hamstring muscles are the donkey kicks. In order to perform this exercise, you are to get on all fours, placing your palms on the floor and resting on your knees. Make sure your knees are forming a 90 degrees angle with the floor, and the rest of your body is positioned correctly. Then, by moving your leg backwards as if you were kicking, straighten it completely, while having the other leg providing you support. Once you reach the peak of your kick, keep your leg straightened for several seconds, before returning to the initial position. Ten repetitions for each leg will suffice.

Secondly, you can provide your hamstrings a good stretching by sitting down on a mat with your legs close to each other and keeping them completely straight. Then, try to lower your upper body completely towards your legs, touching them with your head. While doing this, you can rest your hands behind your forelegs for support. Upon reaching the maximal stretch, keep it for about 30 seconds.

Additionally, you can find a place in your house where you can raise your legs while lying down on the floor. You need to ensure that your forelegs are resting on the elevated part of the floor, parallel to it, while your thighs are forming a 90 degree angle with it. Then, while having you back on the lower part, raise your hips off the floor. Hold the position for several seconds and repeat it 15 times.

Next exercise includes an exercise ball. Lie down on the floor, with your hips up, as if you were performing a bridge position. Then, with your hands and shoulders providing you support, and your heels resting on the ball, try to pull it back while raising your torso as well as your hips.

Finally, you might consider tying down some weight above your ankles and raising your leg backwards, forming a 90 degree angle. Keep this position while balancing with your hands. Several seconds will be enough, 10 repetitions with each leg.

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