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Plyometric Push-Ups

The game performance can be increased with the use of plyometric exercises, which is why they are commonly used by the sportsmen and athletes. We will talk about push-ups, but those that we will talk about are plyometric and they are very different from the regular ones. These exercises require a great physical condition since they include bounding, hopping, jumping and other.

Soccer, basketball, hockey and similar players will gain a lot by doing these exercises, since muscle coordination and rapid body movements are required for these sports. These abilities will not be increased with the regular exercises since they only work on the body strength. The exercises we are talking about will even improve the functioning of the nervous system, along with the gaining of the explosive movement and greater muscular coordination. So, if you are in a need of exercises which will make you run faster, throw farther and hit harder, read the following text.

One of the most common exercises is jumping on a box and then landing at a fast speed. The push-ups we are talking about will work on the upper region of the body, but there are plyometric exercises that target the lower body. By doing these push-ups, you will gain faster explosiveness and increase the body speed. But these push-ups require the application of the explosive force on the ground, unlike the regular push-ups.

Doing the Plyometric Push-Ups

We will explain how to do these push-ups. First, set your body in the position of the regular push-ups. The toes must be on the ground, palms flat on the side of the body and your back need to be straight. When you are in this position, push your body off the floor. This has to be done with explosiveness so that your body and hands are airborne. These are the basic plyometric push-ups.

Now, we will move on to the clap plyometric push-ups, which are very similar but have one variation. Basically, you have to do the same thing as regular plyometric push-ups, but while you are in midair, clap your hands. This exercise may be demanding, since it requires a lot of strain. The triple clap plyometric push-ups are the most demanding and they should not be performed by people who are not in great physical shape. They also require the same movement as the clap version, but in midair the clap.

These are very demanding exercises and we recommend that you do them under a professional supervision and with prior medical consultation. If you manage to do them, your body will improve flexibility and speed.

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