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The Problem

In order to keep our water clean, mostcountries use filters. However, these were probably designed a longtime ago, in order to keep the water safe from pathogens which werepresent in the past as well as they are now. However, today, with theexcess of industry, traffic and other polluting factors higher thanever, we are facing a problem of much greater proportions.

Thus, we need better filters and betterprotection systems for our drinking water since the current ones arejust not good enough. The pathogens located in the water dissolve andmake its acidity levels rise. Subsequently, when we drink the water,we raise our acid levels excessively, causing health problems in thelong run.

The Things We Drink

There are many types of bacteria whichare blocked by the filters in our water systems. However, we stillcan possibly get in contact with various other pathogens likeviruses, other types of bacteria etc. Recently, the world has becomemore and more aware of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, two pathogenswhich can be found and digested through water, causing serious healthproblems and even possibly death.

However, instead of changing something,we continue letting out our waste in the same water which is beingpurified for drinking. Thus, we end up consuming certainmicroorganisms from our own waste, causing us health problemseventually.

Next are heavy metals which are heavilypresent in the water we consume. Toxic metals used to be present too.However, these were successfully isolated during the previous years,leaving these marks of urbanization present in our drinking water.

Finally, we have pesticides whichpoison the water we consume and the rivers, as well as oceans aroundus. People who deal with agriculture do not follow the norms set bylaws and pour all their extra pesticide substances into the runningwater near villages and agricultural spots, especially if we aretalking about the third world countries. Moreover, the pesticideswhich are sprayed or applied on the soil, go through it andeventually reach the underground waters, being transferred to other,greater sources of water. This causes poisons to appear in our water.

All this being said, it is a dangerouswater we drink on a daily basis and this process can be quitenegative for our health. One of the best ways of dealing with it isto install water ionizers in your household. These devices deal withalmost all pathogens present in the drinking water, removing themcompletely. Thus, we are granted purified and clean water for us todrink and enjoy.

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