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Do You Know Your Body?

Since the ancient time of the Sanskrit tradition, there have been theories about the seven chakras located around our body, telling us how the energy flows through and around us. Chakras are mainly indicators of the location of the energy which our emotions emit through our body. Thus, as soon as you manage to understand the chakra system, you are bound to become more capable of understanding yourself better, learning new things about your emotions and the messages your body sends to you.

Chakras in Your Body and Your Business

Firstly, we have our root chakra. This chakra speaks of our business and our belonging in a certain community and, thereby, society. Namely, this is the chakra we need to listen to whenever we feel estranged from the rest of the world, feeling like we cannot connect to life in any given way, especially social or that regarding business. All of us have a right to an adequate marketplace and we deserve a place to fit in.

Secondly, we have our sacral chakra, which speaks to our sense of pleasure. This is the part of our emotional energy which enables us to be creative and to contribute to our business part of characteristics this way. This is the value we have once we appear on the marketplace. Thus, we should not be afraid of showing what we are worth of and never settling for less.

Next, we have the solar plexus chakra. It is the voice of our personal power. Hence, this is our ability to change the world around us and influence on it. This way, we are being contributors to the success of the whole community we live in.

Moving on to love, we possess our heart chakra which is a messenger of love, protecting our heart. Love is also connected to any kind of business we are involved in. Therefore, we must love, since this emotion is more or less involuntary. Nevertheless, it is one of the strongest emotions we have.

Throat chakra is the chakra of communication. Namely, this one speaks our own truth. Speaking of business, this chakra enables you to control and spread the marketing of your business, attracting smaller business and persuading them into becoming a part of your own. Also this enables you to speak about your value to others. Therefore, you should not keep your mouth shut. Rather, since your throat loves this, you should communicate, advertise and speak with no constraints.

The third eye chakra is the one which helps you see the hidden agendas of other people. You use this to perceive your customers. So, it makes you sharp and boosts your assessment capabilities.

Finally, the crown chakra above your head deals with the spiritual wealth, being closely connected with love. This stands for the fact that there is more to your business than plain profit. There are love, art, creativity and many other aspects, making your skills unique, but nevertheless rewarding.

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