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It's Not Your Child's Fault

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder,or ADHD for short, became a common diagnosis these days. Whenever achild has a problem with keeping track of the class or has a shortconcentration span, he/she is diagnosed with this disorder and put onmedications which bomb his/her brain with numerous random chemicalshaving more side-effects that positive effects.

Clearly, this practice is wrong.However, our children are not guilty for having problems withattention and hyperactivity. We are heavily influenced by what weconsume. Lately, the food industry has evolved into a machine whoseonly goal is to produce as much food as it can, regardless of theprocess, ingredients and all other health factors, and earn aridiculously large sums of money on a yearly basis, harming millionsof people in the process.

We are what we eat, to a great extent.The nutrients we provide our body with through our diet shouldmaintain the balance, keeping it healthy and well functioning.Exposing our body to harmful substances or not delivering certainvital nutrients are factors bound to cause health problems. Ourbrain produces chemicals which affect our mood and behavior. Onceexposed to harmful substances, we are likely to change ourpersonalities and moods as well.

Speaking of harmful substances, thefood industry packs so many additives into what we eat, that it makesit, more or less, poisonous. All you need to do is to read theingredient list from a product and realize that these are mostlychemicals.

This triggers behavioral problems,including ADHD, which is more likely to be visible in a child whoeats refined or junk food and drinks soft drinks, sodas and other,unhealthy products of this type.

Think about It...

If all the toxins from what weconsume make us feel bad and have behavioral issues, making ourchildren experience problems in learning and paying attention to theworld around them, we obviously do not need to give our children morepoisons, through drugs, in order to make them feel better. On thecontrary, this will only make things worse.

Thus, change your child's nutrition, aswell as your own and concentrate on leading healthy lives which willprovide you and your family with the right potential for progress anda healthy mental state, as well as physical condition. As a conclusion, natural and healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent many different problems, including ADHD.

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