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A Malpractice Spreading All over theWorld

Even though something is proven to bewrong and counter-productive, we often tend to repeat it for someunknown reasons which are probably out of our reach and will never befully understood. An example would be an American practice to noticeevery single problem in a child as a potential mental disorder andtreat it with psychiatric drugs. Whether it is sadness, depression,lack of attention or hyperactivity, the only way of treating theseproblems in modern times seems to be stuffing our children withdifferent drugs which will dull their emotions and senses, makingthem “normal”

However, this practice rises manydifferent questions. Namely, both adults and children taking drugs tendto suddenly burst. There were cases where these individuals becameaggressive, dangerous and prone to murder, suicide and otherunexplainable and antisocial acts.

We should take into consideration the fact thatalmost all sedatives and antidepressants cause countless side effectslike nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fear, panic attacks, appetiteproblems and others, going to the extent of making a person violent,psychotic, numb, homicidal etc.

Everyone can make a connection betweenthese claims, except the pharmacological industry. Amazingly, they,in concordance with various governmental bodies, blame these bouts ofviolence, negativity and possible murders on the mental state of theperson who commits acts of misconduct. However, in many cases, thesepeople were on the same psychiatric drugs which were supposed tosuppress negative emotions. Something is not right here, and we allknow it. Regardless, this practice of treating every problem or a condition a child mayhave as a mental disorder has moved on to Europe and is mostly seenin the UK over the course of recent years.

Stop It!

Since this problem seems not to begoing away on its own, we need to react. Obviously, something iswrong and our children are suffering because of it, becoming unstablepeople they are not meant to be.

Not everything can be treated withdrugs, acting as a quick fix for every possible problem nowadays.Yet, we have neglected conversations, love, understanding and supportduring our race for money, profit and things which do little to makeus happy. Just because they tell youyour child has a mental issue that should be treated with medications, this does not make it true. Thinkabout it and stop systematically killing everything your child is and can become, just because it has become a widely accepted practice in the global society.

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