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Once Bogus, Now Respected?

Only several decades ago, healers and healing were met with quite negative connotations in the American society. With the medicine industry being stronger than ever, people refused to believe in anything considered to be alternative or not widely accepted.

Thus, people who practiced alternative medicine were considered heretics of sorts, being phony tricksters who are only into taking money for nothing, offering only illusions and placebo effects, actually ridiculing those who were suffering enough to trust them.

However, nowadays, this situation has changed. Alternative medicine is considered to be quite popular. Moreover, an increasing number of people believing that this kind of medicine can offer more than just modern medicine. This, of course, has opened doors to many alternative approaches when it comes to treatment of illnesses. Also, it has allowed many excellent healing methods to step out of the closet of taboo and negligence.

Is Alternative Good?

Many alternative healing methods consider human body as a source of energy. Being such, when we are sick, this energy flow our body has experiences a certain blockage. Through treatment, this blockage can be removed and, thus, we can be cured or healed. Surely, just as with modern medicine, this does not work every time. Nevertheless, there have been cases where people have managed to fight off cancer and other serious conditions where the modern medicine failed to help.

Our world has changed significantly during these recent decades. We all have cellphones, which make us available to our employers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This increases stress levels we are experiencing incredibly, since many superiors use this factor to ask for more work and worrying than you are being paid for. In the long run, this lack of rest and constant worrying about obligations, combined with city noise, pollution, traffic jams and junk food, leads to many illnesses and other healthproblems.

Therefore, many alternative medicine branches, which offer stress relief, are sought after. It is a fact that our lives have changed for the worse. Money is more important now than ever before. Basically, we have separated ourselves from the nature completely, forgetting leisure time, spending time out and many other activities that would be beneficial to our overall condition. All we do is work and save money to live through another day, week, month, year, teaching our children, future men and women, to do thesame.

Perhaps we should stop, since this is obviously not working. We should turn back to nature and disciplines which have managed to use the best parts of it for healing us. We need to step outside of the box of urban and modern and be open for alternative, natural and healing. This may be all we need.

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