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Happy or Fulfilled?

The two emotions from the title aboveseem to be quite common in the human set of possible feelings. Thereare cases when we feel happy and fulfilled. However, happiness andfulfillment are quite different from one individual to another.Namely, this is because, for every individual these feelings have adifferent meaning.

For example, some people will be happyand/or fulfilled if they buy something for themselves. The purchasecauses them to feel content and evokes the happiness andsatisfaction. For some other people, happiness is harder to reach andthey need many different factors accomplished, acquired or achievedin order to feel this way.

Happiness and Fulfillment in General

The feeling of happiness andfulfillment is temporary. This is mainly because the very thing whichgives rise to these situations is temporary. Let us imagine that aperson buys a new house. This person is likely to be very happy andfeel the overwhelming stream of fulfillment running through his/herbody. He/she has bought a house and has thereby finished a process,completing a plan successfully. This completion makes the personhappy and satisfied. However, if a hurricane comes and destroys thehouse, all the happiness and fulfillment will vanish completely andin their place dread and sorrow will come. Thus, happiness, in mostcases is merely the absence of unhappiness.

Fulfillment and happiness do not needto go hand-in-hand. There are times where a person may not be happywhile still feeling fulfilled. For example, if a person is having ajob which he/she likes very much, he/she will feel fulfillment fromthis job since there this person is capable of expressinghim/herself. Still, this does not imply that this person will beoverwhelmingly happy every day at work.

All in all, both of these emotions arenecessary in our lives. So, make sure you make yourself and othershappy as much as possible, while staying fulfilled by the things youdo. Learn how to recognize different emotions and interpret them foryour own benefit, making certain changes and introducing everythingwhich will make happiness and fulfillment stay with you for as longas possible.

The rest is up to you. This life isfull of little and great things which can all make you feel good.Find them and bring them into your life.

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