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It's All about Perception

Being parts of a global group of peoplecalled human society, we are taught specific ways of living againstwhich we are unable to turn nor are we capable of changing themaltogether. Thus, we know that, once we get sick, we are challengedby some kind of germs or harmful microorganisms.

Then, all we need to do is to preparefor battle, react fiercely and fill out our body with different chemicalsso that we can push the illness out and clean our body through thisprocess. However, this may not be the best approach possible. Namely,we believe that fighting and interpreting pain as an enemy is a goodway of living and managing all that life throws at our feet.

Nevertheless, perhaps we have got itall wrong. Maybe we are supposed to see pain as a sign from our body,telling us that something is wrong. Then, instead of forgetting andignoring this pain by taking painkillers and other medications, weare to understand the exact, productive ways of ending our body'spain. In this case, pain is positive, it acts as an indicator of ourbody's true problems. Upon dealing with the causes of this problem, thepain itself will stop. The same goes for illnesses. Instead of givingour best to get rid of illnesses instantly, once we have ignoredtheir symptoms for years back, perhaps we should look more into ourproblems and try to find creative solutions which will need us tostep out of the box for a moment or two.

Thus, we need to perceive life and ourbody differently and see that pain and illnesses can be the part of ourbody's own language, telling us that we need to pay closer attentionto our health since something seems to have gone wrong.

How To Heal from Within?

Having said all the previous things, weneed to start listening to our bodies. When you are ill, stoppanicking and going berserk through your body with various chemicalsand other “healing” methods. Rather, stop, relax, close your eyesand ask your body to tell you what has gone wrong. The answer may notcome instantly. However, you must keep an open mind since your body'scry for help may come in a form of emotion, an image, a dream or someother form of expression. Then, you are to react compassionately andmildly.

We need to make friends with the painand understand the cause of it, before we may react. Thus, listen,find the problem and help yourself heal it.

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