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A Wrong Approach

Modern medicine has undergone quite an evolution. Today, we have all the technology and knowledge necessary for treating broken bones, injuries and severed body parts more than successfully. However, when it comes to treating illnesses which destroy us from within, along with their symptoms, modern medicine seems to lack the necessary effectiveness.

Speaking of cancer, it is usually treated by removing parts of our cells which have been affected by cutting them off, burning them or poisoning them. Bearing in mind that, once we are suffering with cancer, our body has a severely weakened immune system already, making it even more vulnerable does little to help. Thus, usually, during cancer treatments of this type, the malignant diseases reappear in the future.

Nature vs Medicine

Again, talking about cancer, we have faced numerous failures of modern medicine, when it comes to successful treatment. However, the expenses of treatments being extremely high, the medical industry finds cancer to be convenient for their own profit. Thus, decade after decade, we are listening about the cure for cancer being closer and closer, while equal and increased numbers of people lose their battles against this cruel disease and die.

Natural treatments, on the other hand, have proven to be more than worthy for this purpose. Yet, these often do not get the necessary publicity. Moreover, modern medicine considers natural treatments futile, comparing these with magic, voodoo and other pointless procedures more related to fiction. However, again, this is because medicine, as an industry, does not benefit from a cheap and easily obtainable competition.

Therefore, we continue dying for the sake of profit, not being allowed the necessary education regarding adequate cures for cancer. Truly, the pharmacological industry earns a fortune daily, selling medications packed with side-effects and lack of effectiveness, making profit from other people's misery.

The Knowledge

Keep yourself informed about the alternative treatments of cancer and means of cancer prevention. So far, we know that a healthy liver is the best defense against cancer. Also, cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment or one with high levels of oxygen.

Additionally, colon and liver detoxification restores our health balance, boosting our immunity to levels capable of keeping cancer at bay.

Regarding cancer cells, we know that these are abnormal cells which die slower than regular ones, taking over their territory once these, healthy cells, die out. Nevertheless, vitamin D, iodine and potassium are excellent fighters against cancer. Sunshine exposure, fresh air and pure water are crucial for having a healthy body capable of dealing with cancer. Also, you need to base your nutrition on vegetables, fruit and omega3 fatty acids and stay away from sugar. Turn to nature since medicine is against you on this one.

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