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Lies, Deceptions and Illusions

The three words from the title, howeverdepressing they might seem, are the guidelines of our modern lives.We are poisoned by the media, food industry, healthindustry and by about every industry out there.

Yet, we trust these organizations andbelieve that they are there for our own best benefit. However, havewe ever stopped and looked in the mirror, seeing that the food we eatmay not be of the greatest quality, making us fat or even obese, the“modern” lifestyles may not be so healthy since we look and areexhausted and that something is obviously not right? Well we shoulddefinitely take this into consideration before it is not too late.

We were conveniently made incapable oftaking care of ourselves. Trying to find out the person or peopleresponsible for this state is futile since it is more complicatedthan we can possibly imagine. However, we tolerate warning signs oneverything and advices for every single thing we do. This makes uslazy or even stupid. We know that we should not put cats in themicrowave ovens. Nevertheless, this is listed in the caution part ofthe instruction manual.

Therefore we need to stop and think. Ifwe are fat or obese, it is not McDonald's fault. Rather, we areresponsible since we went there, bought all the unhealthy, processedfood and ate it for years. Thus, we need to deal with our ownproblems rather than seeking guilty parties everywhere.

Fix Your Life

Stop believing everything you are beingtold, especially over the media, adds and other corporativemachinery. Know that all you need for staying healthy and fit isproper nutrition, exercises and a positive lifestyle. You can chooseto eat better and not be influenced by popular culture in thisrespect. Find out everything about healthy, organic and natural foodand focus your nutrition on it. Also, eat less but more frequently,combining your diet with exercising at least 3 times a week.

These little changes can have a majorimpact on your life. You will know what you are eating and havecomplete control over your nutrition. Moreover, you will be healthyand your body will appreciate this, making you feel happy andsatisfied.

Do not let anyone stop you from beinghappy, especially somethings you can turn your back on. The advice is to bejudgmental, smart and to study and learn about life instead of believingeverything you read, facing the consequences sooner or later.

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