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Enlisting for the US Air Force requires an applicant to have basic education and undergo various tests and training to prove himself physically and mentally fit. Air Force is considered to be a career that offers financial security through honourable service to the country. Numerous other benefits accompany joining the air force. United States

Air Forces (USAF) requires going through rigorous training. The USAF recruits both men and women. They can choose to train for various positions like Security Forces, Special Operations Weather Technicians, Air Force Office of Special Investigation, Combat Rescue Officer and many more.

Requirement for enlisting

Minimum age required to join the Air Force is 17. All applicants must complete the basic training before turning 27. USAF Officers go through Officer Training School which must be successfully finished till age of 34. Medical positions like nurses and physicians in Air Force have various requirements, so the most accurate information can be acquired from the local recruiting officer.

The high school diploma is one of the prerequisites. No other professional education is required to join. Applicant also goes through series of trainings and tests which prove him eligible for the Air Force job. Candidates go through Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test so they can get the Armed Services Qualification Test score.

ASVAB is there to check general knowledge level, verbal reasoning, basic science and math knowledge and understanding of the aviation field. The exam has 99 points, and minimum required to pass is 36. After completing this test applicants choose their further course of training.

USAF candidates are required to be well physically fit. The test that checks physical condition and aptitude is called Physical Fitness Test (PFT). It consists out of 1.5 miles run, crunches and push-ups. The minimal passing score is 75. Certain relation of applicant’s weight and height is also required. For instance, 6 feet tall candidate can weight maximum of 202 pounds.

Other USAF requirements include various regulations regarding background check, place of residence, character, tattoos and others. A candidate must have no criminal record or history of drug abuse. Tattoos that consist out of discriminatory or obscene elements are strictly forbidden. Tattoos also must not cover over 25 percent of the body.

Besides the abovementioned, some Air Force positions like Air Force Pilot or Combat System Officer have further requirements. The candidate’s medical record must not contain history of health conditions like allergies or asthma after the age of 12. The colour vision also must be flawless.

More information on USAF can be found on their official web site as well as by contacting local recruiting office.

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