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Many people consider a career in the army of the United States. One particular area of specialization that one might choose with regard to the army is to become an army ranger. A ranger is a member of the United States army special operations force, and the general objective of an army ranger is to carry out ground operations and missions as required. Criteria for entry into the rangers can be tough and stringent.

US Army Ranger Requirements

The first step on the road to becoming an army ranger is to make contact with the nearest army recruiter in your local area. Then, one will be asked to register for an army ranger contract, as well as the United States Army Airborne School. Registration to this school is open only to United States citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

An applicant must be at least eighteen years old, and no older than forty one. Applicants must also possess a high school diploma or higher qualification. After these requirements have been satisfied, one must undergo an army physical fitness program, as well as a security clearance check. It is also necessary to reach a certain level of scores in the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and General Technical.

Basic combat training for the army rangers will last about nine weeks. After this period, one must undergo Advanced Infantry Training in order to obtain the Military Occupational Specialty. As for the physical part of the program, one must gain a score of at least eighty per cent in the Army Physical Fitness Test. It will be necessary to run five miles in less than eight minutes, as well as showing the ability to complete a twelve mile march in under three hours.

These physical tests can be strenuous and the standard can be difficult to reach. In reality, only those in the peak of physical fitness will be able to complete these tests.

After these requirements have been satisfied, one can then move on to attend the United States Army Ranger School. This is one of the most important parts of the training program for army rangers.

With regard to vision, an army ranger officer is required to have perfect twenty-twenty vision. Army rangers should be in the peak of physical fitness and should also be mentally stable. Gaining entry to the rangers will require determination, good decision-making abilities, and logical thinking abilities.

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