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Boxing is certainly one of the sports which require very exhaustive the training sessions. But, besides that, when preparing for a boxing match, the training plan is usually prolonged for the all day long period. Such a plan involves a lot of discipline in general, of course including a strict eating plan, too. Even the period of the isolation, which begins the two months before the match is included into the training program. After that, the period of the adaptation on the local environment takes place. Trainings

The boxer’s mass plays the important role in his training, since the contestants are divided according to body weight. Of course, the goal is to achieve the maximum weight, because the most powerful punches come from the boxers who know how to convert their mass into the pure force. So, the medicine and the nourishment are associated to this sport on many levels.

The most effective part of the training program for boxers is the method called sparring, since it imitates the situation of a match. Of course, wearing the proper protection of the teeth (and jaw), groin and even head is necessary. However, there are a lot of other protecting products for the professional boxers, such as the mentioned gear for head (provides only the protection from the minor injuries and not from the contusions), the flexible material, which the hands should be wrapped in under the gloves (which keeps the joints in place), and, of course, the different types of the gloves.

There are the three types of the gloves; sparring, heavy and speed bag gloves. The sparring ones are designed to absorb the power of a punch, and the speed bag gloves (the lightest of the three types) and the heavy bag gloves are designed for, as their names say, for the training with those bags.

Besides the already mentioned, sparring part of a training, the other activities are included, because all the body must be prepared to receive and give those powerful punches. So, the best thing is to start the training with jogging and after that, increase the intensity with jumping a rope, which is extremely beneficial for the improvement of the famous ‘’footwork’’.

As far as the arms are concerned, there are even more techniques to improve the power of their muscles. The training with the speed bag is usually used as a warm up, but the heavy bag is the basic equipment, since it makes a boxer realize which are the centers of their opponent’s gravity. For the similar purpose is used the bag shaped like a man. The double-end bag is specially designed for sensing the right moment of a punch. Also, passing, catching or any manipulation with the heavy ball is very beneficial for strengthening the arms.

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