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Sprinting Drills Characteristics

We all know that running very fast for a short distance is called sprinting. This activity is more than useful for many different purposes. First of all, those who indulge in sprinting are capable of losing their weight quickly and effectively; taking into consideration that sprinting is one of the best cardiovascular exercises available. Secondly, sprinting increases endurance and boosts the stamina and overall performance of all athletes. Therefore, it is a very important part of training for almost every sport out there. Speed is always of the essence in sport. Thus, by boosting your speed through sprinting drills, you are bound to become much faster on the field, thereby being more successful during your sporting activities. The following drills are the most effective for all of the purposes mentioned above and are highly advised to be implemented into an athlete's workout routine.

Best Sprinting Drills for DifferentPurposes

For those who are soccer players, one of the best sprinting drills involves following a partner on a 20x20 yard terrain, keeping a 2 yard distance. However, the partner you are supposed to follow must sprint all the time, constantly changing directions, making it harder for you to copy all of his/her movements in an equal speed and manner.

The second best soccer sprinting drill involves making a square by using 4 cones. Then, put an additional one in the middle of the square. Once this is done, you are to stand in the center, memorize the four other cones by numbers. Afterwards, your partner is to shout a number of the cone, when you are supposed to sprint up to the cone and right back to the center as fast as youcan.

Baseball players have their own sprinting drills. You might perform an excellent drill which involves you stand ing on one of your feet, keeping the other high in the air, with your knees bent. Then, you are to jump with the one leg, lifting it from the ground, as high as you can and landing on the other leg. Once you do this, you repeat the whole procedure with legs swapped like this.

Secondly, you might draw or imagine an X shape on the ground, placing your feet on one leg of the mark. Then, you are to twist your body, forming a 45 degree angle, moving your legs to the second leg of the X shape and so on.

Finally, for track and field sports, you might sprint while making sure your feet are parallel to the ground, minding your movement carefully, practicing for the real thing, only with much more speed.

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