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It is almost a universal truth that children and teens who are physically active will suffer from fewer health problems than kids who are not active. It is also likely that children who are physically active will be less vulnerable to health problems in later life. It has also been theorized that kids who perform better in physical performance tests tend to be more self confident. Physical fitness is hugely beneficial for young people, and it can hold great benefits when it comes to the bones. Our bones are built during our youth, so it is thus imperative for children to exercising properly during this period. It is recommended that children get about thirty to sixty minutes of activity five days per week.
Physical exercise and young people
It is never too late, or too early, to help ones children build up their endurance and their strength. With this in mind, kids aged two to five can be involved in tackling fun obstacle courses, creative music, and fantasy or make believe games. Kids who are aged between six and eight years old should be encouraged to play outdoor games, jump rope, and to learn some basic sporting skills. It might also be an idea to enrol a kid in a step and slide program.
Playground areas, such as those with monkey bars and jungle gyms, can be used to build up strength in children. Between the ages of nine to eighteen, kids might be advised to become involved in team or individual sports, low impact aerobic dance, or a progressive strength training regime. For kids in this age category, push ups and pull ups can be used to build up ones upper body strength. Sports like basketball, volleyball, martial arts, dance, and gymnastics are great ways to build up bone and muscle health.
Exercise is particularly beneficial for teenagers. Bearing this in mind, only thirty eight per cent of teens are considered to get the required amount of exercise. The other sixty two per cent are thus exposing themsleves to a sedentary and potentially harmful lifestyle. This period of our lives is important with regard to the strengthening and growing of our bones. Thus it is very vital for teenagers to build up and strengthen their bones during this time. Parents play an important role in this regard, and should try to play the part of a role model for their children.

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