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A high level of fitness is required in order to successfully compete in the world of soccer. The level of fitness required for this sport should not be underestimated, as it is normal for players to run up to fifteen kilometers during the course of a normal game. It is worth also bearing in mind that much of this running involves sprinting, acceleration, and deceleration, as opposed to simple leisurely jogging. Changes in direction and vertical leaping should also be factored into the equation. As the level of the game at which one plays increases, so too must ones physical fitness. Being physically fit should allow a soccer player to keep up with the demands of the game, whilst simultaneously developing technique and tactical abilities.
Physical fitness and soccer
Even naturally gifted soccer players require certain standards of physical fitness and conditioning in order to succeed in the game. Skill must be combined with fitness in order to successfully compete in the world of soccer. There are certain requirements in order for one to be able to remain properly fit in the soccer world. One must be able to maintain performance for ninety minutes. This must be combined with adequate and prolonged strength that can be maintained for the whole game. Explosive strength is also required in order to be able to change direction and sprint during the course of a game. A soccer player must also have strong and developed legs; this is necessary in order to be able to kick and tackle with the appropriate force. Agility and coordination are also required in order to perform to an adequate level in the sport.
In order to develop the required physical attributes, training sessions should seek to work on the player's physiological mechanisms. This should assist the proper development and improvement of the body. Gradual increase in the difficulty of ones work out should be undertaken. Training sessions in any sport should be aimed at developing specific attributes related to that sport. With regard to football, it might be advisable to subdivide the players into groups related to their positions. Different types of attributes are required for different positions in sport, so this should be taken into account. For example, wingers do not require the same amount of strength as central defenders. Adequate recovery is also necessary when it comes to physical fitness. A balance between training and recovery should be found.

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