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The Problem

Many people experience allergicreactions once they use deodorants. Therefore, they may easily cometo incorrect conclusions that the product they have chosen is causingtheir body's negative reaction. Moreover, they think that somechemicals from the deodorant may be harmful, thus making their bodyfight it through the allergy. However, this point of view is quitewrong. Our allergies are not caused by things harmful to us. Rather,sometimes, our brain and the rest of our organism are capable ofperceiving some harmless substances as harmful, thus triggeringallergic reactions to certain allergens. If all these allergens wereharmful to be used on humans, then everyone would have allergies todeodorants as well. Bearing in mind that there are more peoplewithout these allergies than there are those with them, we may cometo a conclusion that something else may be behind all this. And itis. Namely, our lifestyles, genetics, diet, and many other differentfactors influence our proneness to allergies. Thus, before jumping toany false conclusions, let us find out what is behind our body'sintolerance towards deodorants.

Factors Triggering Allergies

Firstly, our malnutrition isone of the main culprits. We eat bad, processed food, deprived ofmany vital nutrients. Thus, our organism is not getting all it needsfrom our diet. Researches have shown that lack of omega3 fatty acidsin our system, easily leads to the development of certain allergies.These healthy acids are found in naturally obtained meat, especiallyfish.

On the other hand, if you want yourdeodorant allergy gone, you might need to cut down on your sugarintake. Sugar influences one's proneness to allergies significantlyand is thus highly recommended not to be eaten excessively.

Interestingly, there is a significantdifference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Namely, the formerare harmless for your health while the latter contain aluminum whichis a toxic element. Thus, it may easily cause unwanted effects inyour organism, especially during excessive use.

Sentenced, But Not Guilty

Did you ever consider that, wheneveryou experience an allergy, your deodorant may not have anything to dowith it? Many other things may cause allergic reactions. For example,you might be intolerable of the washing powder you use for keepingyour clothes clean. Also, you might be allergic to your own sweat,due to something you eat but should not consume.

Of course, the deodorant may be the oneguilty as well. Then, try not using it, or change the type andobserve the difference. If the allergy prevails, your deodorant isobviously not behind it and you have to pay your doctor a visit inorder to find out what is causing these unpleasant reactions ofyours.

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