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Your Favorite Movie Snack

Countless people enjoy eating popcorn.This snack often goes hand-in-hand with watching movies, especiallywhen combined with sodas or similar drinks. Also, many people lovechewing these uniquely tasting popped corns while taking a walk orduring numerous other activities. Moreover, you might be eatingpopcorn while you are reading this. All in all, we love popcorn.However, did we ever stop and think is it good for us? If you arewondering whether popcorn is good or bad for your health this articleis for you. Thus, with no further ado, popcorn nutritive facts willbe revealed through the following lines.

Nutritional Facts regarding Popcorn

As far as calories are concerned, theirnumber varies on the type of popcorn we opt for. Thereby, if we areone of those who enjoy caramel popcorn the most, we are to insertapproximately 122 calories per one cup. What is more, if we likepeanuts added to the combination, we increase our calorie intake upto 230 by eating the same quantity. Other common ways of popcornpreparation have significantly less calories varying from 25 formicrowave popcorn all the way up to 58 for popcorn with cheese.Similarly, oil popcorn will give you 55 calories, while air preparedones will provide you with 31. Finally, buttered snacks of this typewill increase your calories by 40 per cup. Therefore, find out whichones are healthier than the other ones, choose your popcornpreference carefully, so as to benefit from its consumption.

Once we start talking about nutritivevalue of this snack, we are bound to get positively surprised.Namely, 100 grams of popcorn will provide your organism withproteins, minerals and vitamins. Thus, you will receive vitamin B1,iron, phosphorus, niacin, calcium, as well as riboflavin, simply byeating healthy popcorn. Also, there is plenty of vitamin E in thissnack.

Vitamins are extremely important formany of our bodily processes including eyesight, skin, nail and thehealth of many other aspects of our organism. Proteins protect usfrom diseases and infections, helping the development of our body.Also, minerals influence many different things regarding our overallhealth, some of which are our nerves, bones and tissue. Finally,calories, even though they have to be controlled, are an excellentsource of energy, and popcorn is full of them. All in all, there areplenty of useful substances in this snack and, once we make sure wedo not consume it excessively, this meal can make us healthy andhappy while we enjoy the latest movies.

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