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The Sea of Energy Drinks

There are numerous companies which produce numerous types of energy drinks. Their commercials are mostly directed to young adults, mostly students, claimed to be excellent additions to their studying or sports habits. Various elements and substances create the list of ingredients these drinks are made from. However, the true “energy” effect is achieved through a certain two ingredients while all other are either additives or artificial flavors. These two are caffeine and sugar, present in many other drinks, bearing the same effect. Therefore, the very essence and uniqueness of energy drinks is being questioned, as well as their healthiness.

Negative Qualities of Energy Drinks

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other possible drawbacks these beverages are likely to posses. First of all, caffeine, the main ingredient present in all drinks considered to boost one's energy, can be dangerous when taken in larger amounts. Namely, whenever taken, it reduces water in our organism, meaning that excessive intake may lead to dehydration.

Secondly, many other ingredients like guarana and taurine, have mysterious origins and are most probably synthetic. Thus, their effect is unknown and one can never be sure that his or her health will not be jeopardized by their intake. Finally, the very ingredients and their quantities are a secret when it comes to most types of these drinks. One cannot find the ingredient list, let alone the concentration of different substances listed on the can. Therefore, one cannot be sure what is the optimal intake quantity, thus indulging into health risks each time he or she takes a sip of the above mentioned beverages. To make things worse, numerous substances make energy drinks highly drinkable, creating a false assumption that something tasting so good cannot be bad for you.

Unfortunately, countless side effects among which are, dizziness, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and high blood pressure, amplified when drunk on an empty stomach, serve as a clear and cruel argument against the beneficial claim mentioned above.

Possible or Impossible Combinations

People tend to combine energy drinks with alcohol, claiming that the first negates and decreases the latter. However, this is a terrible mistake. Combining these two may cause and illusion of being less affected by alcohol but, actually, it only adds on to the dehydrating effect, making one feel even worse once the effect wears out.

Another situation with which some people consume energy drinks is physical activity. Unfortunately, this too is a wrong choice. Namely, these beverages are known to increase blood pressure and heart rate, as well as the whole metabolism. Thus, straining yourself physically in such a condition may be extremely dangerous.

All in all, if you must drink energy drinks, eat something first, and make sure you drink enough water to compensate for the losses. Finally, bear in mind that proper nutrition, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins may give you more energy than you could ever get through these beverages.

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