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Is Peeling Skin Normal?

If you are experiencing peeling skin onyour hands and feet every now and then, you should know that this isnot a matter of great concern. In fact, this is a completely normalstate of affairs. Namely, human skin consists of three differentlayers. The outer layer, epidermis is the one getting changed themost. Therefore, frequently, you might see your outer skin layersfalling off while being replaced with new layers of skin.Nevertheless, this should not happen too often. If you areexperiencing this phenomenon on a daily basis, it might be a sign ofhealth problems. Moreover, if larger portions of your skin aregetting peeled of, there are several things to be worried about.Thus, make sure you get informed about all the possible causes ofthis condition, as well as several ways of treating it successfully.

Reasons Behind Peeling Skin on Feet andHands

One of the problems you might beenduring if you notice your skin is peeling excessively, is a fungalinfection. These microorganisms feed with certain proteins found in ourorganism, as well as our skin, and are therefore capable ofinhabiting our hand or, more likely, feet. This will cause our skinto peel more than usually, especially those portions between the toeson our feet. Extreme temperatures may cause this condition as well.Thus, if we spend excessive amounts of time in either very cold orvery hot environments, our skin will possibly peel faster and inlarger quantities.

As, it is the case with many other skinanomalies, this phenomenon may be a side-effect of some medicationsyou are using. Alternatively, skin peeling may be caused by anallergic reaction our body may have towards certain cosmetic productsor types of food or drinks.

Even though this happens extremelyrare, some people may suffer from a genetic disorder causing skinpeeling all over their body. Also, there is a skin condition calledtoxic epidermal necrolysis. This disease triggers the appearance ofblisters all over one's skin. Eventually, these blisters burst,causing the blistered skin to peel off. There are numerous other skindiseases like psoriasis, which are also known culprits of abnormalskin peeling on hands and feet.

Finally, excessive sweating may lead toeventual skin peeling. This is usually triggered by poor hygiene orwearing gloves or socks which are too tight and thick.

Means of Treatment

In order to provide your skin necessarymoisture, you may massage your hands and feet with olive oil orcoconut oil. Alternatively, you may apply honey onto the troublesomespots and leave it for half an hour before washing it off with coldwater. Mint juice may be used the same way. Finally, you mightconsider dipping your feet in a solution of warm water and applecider vinegar.

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