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Facts about Peeling Skin on Feet

This condition affects one's feet and manifests through the appearance ofpeeling skin in the area. Not only feet may be involved in theprocess but, rather, toes, the area between toes, ball of the foot,heels and other parts may experience peeling separately. In mostcases, this problem is directly caused by dehydration, drying out theskin in these areas, causing the peeling. However, some other causesmay be behind this phenomenon as well.

Reasons behind Peeling Skin on Feet

Apart from the above mentioneddehydration which takes place during the dry parts of the year, aspecific skin problem called exfoliative dermatitis may be behind thepeeling skin too. Additionally, if, during the summer, one's skingets exposed to sun excessively, sunburns might occur, which, intime, result in peeling of the affected portions of the skin. Rednessand itching may accompany the latter mentioned condition. Rarely, butstill possibly, a person may have the peeling skin syndrome, which isa condition causing one's skin to peel constantly, affecting his/herfeet as well. The list of possible causes does not end here, since wemight experience dust infiltrating the cracks on our feet, causingthese to peel in thick chunks of dry skin. Also, different skininflammations may lead to this effect. Finally, improper footwear,athlete's foot and many other, similar factors may cause the symptomsof peeling skin on your feet. Therefore, once noticing this problem,it is important to treat it before it gets out of control.

Possible Remedies for Peeling Skin onFeet

If dehydration is the issue,moisturizing the problematic skin can solve your problems. For thispurpose, you might opt for many different moisturizers, madespecifically for feet care. Alternatively, you might use olive oil,almond oil or vitamin E oil, which will all have the same, beneficialeffect upon your troublesome feet.

On the other hand, skin peels relatedto sunburn are treated a bit differently. Here, aloe vera is the bestpossible choice, available in the form of gel or juice. All you needto do is apply this wonderful herb extract onto the areas in questionand experience soothing and regenerating effect in the shortesttimespan possible, taking into consideration that you repeat thetreatment often.

Finally, mint juice is known to dowonders for your troubling peeling skin on feet caused by fungal,bacterial or viral infections. Apply this juice, or, alternatively,cucumber, to the peeling skin areas and witness the positive effectof this natural treatment.

If all else fails, it is best to seekmedical assistance as soon as possible.

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