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Itchy feet and hands

Itching in the hands and feet

The skin is the major concern for human beings, and it has many functions, but its most important role is to protect the body and its inner organs and systems. Since it is an external organ, it is exposed to many environmental factors. In addition to this, the skin can be also affected by certain internal disorders and diseases.

Itchy hands and feet are not a disease or a disorder. They represent the symptoms of other skin disorders. In some people, the itching is just mild, but there are people who complain that the itching becomes severe at night and that it is usually accompanied by pain, excessive sweating and a burning sensation. In order to treat these two symptoms effectively and successfully, it is important to establish the real cause that is responsible for the occurrence of itchy hands and feet.

Causes of itchy feet and hands

  • In the majority of cases, itchy feet and hands are caused by dry skin. Dryness of the skin usually happens during the winter season, due to the lack of moisture and humidity. When one suffers from dry skin, he/she may experience itching in the hands and feet. Other symptoms of dry skin include redness of the skin and appearance of cracks or flaky patches on the surface of the skin.
  • Another potential cause for the occurrence of itchy feet and hands is allergy. When a person is allergic to certain foods or medicines and he/she consumes them, the body reacts to the allergen. One of the manifestations of the allergy is itchy feet and hands. This itching can be mild or a severe rash may appear. Furthermore, many people are allergic to many skin products, such as soaps, creams, perfumes and moisturizers, as well as cloth materials and metals. When one uses these products, itchy feet and hands appear usually accompanied by red spots, blisters, rashes and pain.
  • There are two types of dermatitis that are responsible for the itchy feet and hands. Contact dermatitis is an allergy that occurs due to the contact with certain materials, such as nickel or rubber chemicals. On the other side, atopic dermatitis refers to the skin irritation due to the skin exposure to a possible allergen.
  • Furthermore, itchy feet and hands may be caused by the skin disorder called psoriasis. In this condition, the skin cells rapidly grow due to weakened immune system.
  • Itching in the hands and feet may also be caused because of pitted keratolysis, eczema, athlete’s foot and scabies, as well as vitamin deficiency.

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