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Chemical Peels Characteristics

Chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure,capable of removing many of your facial skin problems like acne,scars, wrinkles, freckles, sun damage or any signs of aging.Basically, this procedure involves exposing your face, neck or handskin to specific chemicals which help removing the outer layer ofyour skin, with all of its imperfections, giving way to a morehealthy and undamaged layer of young, new skin below. This is one ofthe least invasive procedures of this type and the results are alwaysquite positive, making chemical peel the choice of many with skinproblems.

Facts about Chemical Peels

As mentioned above, your skin getsexposed to three different acids, which remove the outer skin layerfrom your face or other skin surfaces on your body. Depending on thesevereness of the skin problems, there are different levels ofchemical peels that are to be used. Namely, for those with minimalskin problems like pigment issues, acne, small wrinkles and dry skina light chemical peeling will be sufficient. Nevertheless, theprocedure is to be repeated several times in order for the results tobe completely satisfying. Simply, the dermatologist will apply theacids on your face, leave them to work for about 10 minutes, beforewashing your face in order to remove the dead skin and other unwantedsubstances. Then, you are to pass a facial recovery period of severaldays, and return several times, once a month, in order to repeat theprocedure and ensure a healthy skin in the long run. Alternatively,you might repeat the procedure once a week six times in order toachieve desired results quickly.

For more serious cases of skinproblems, like deep acne scars and wrinkles, as well as moreprominent skin discolorations, a medium chemical peel may be the bestsolution. Here, different acids are used for removal of the outerskin layer along with a part of the medium skin layer. During theprocedure, your skin will be shortly exposed to the acids, beforebeing cleansed and neutralized. Then, your recovery period may lastfor 6 weeks until your skin is completely soft, fresh and healthy.

Finally, for most radical and severeskin abnormalities, like burns, scars, potentially cancerous tissues,deep chemical peel is the best choice. Logically, the strongest acidswill be used and all skin layers up to the lowest ones will beremoved. This is very painful and you might be given anesthetics.Before the actual procedure, you will need to take specificmedications, in order to prepare your skin. Then different proceduresare done one by one, some of them involving you wearing them on forseveral days. Nevertheless, once the procedure is complete, you willhave a beautiful face for the next 10 years.

Finally, before opting for theseapproaches, your doctor will examine your skin, and look into yourmedical history, confirming if you are capable of going through theprocedure or not. You need to report any dermatological problems inthe past, as well as some history of illnesses and medicationtolerance, since all these factors may contribute to the success ofthe chemical peel and a successful recovery process.

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