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If you are suffering from a blister on your lip, know that there are several different causes which could have lead to this problem. Basically, blisters are formed once the outer layer of our skin, epidermis, separates from dermis, the inner, deep layer of the skin. Then, the gap created between the two layers gets filled with a fluid called serum, allowing a new, healthy layer of epidermis to be created underneath.

Reasons behind Blisters on the Lip

If the blisters on your lips are appearing too frequently, you might be having a problem with low immunity. When people are in this state, a virus called herpes zoster resides in their nerve nodes and waits for adequate conditions for multiplying and growing. When this virus travels through the nerve to the skin it leads to the formation of blisters. So, stress and physical exhaustion can both lead to this phenomenon and the blister appearing on the surface of your lip.

Alternatively, a mouth injury or excessive sunlight exposure, along with extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, all are factors which may lead to these blisters. Additionally, these may commonly show up during pregnancy or menopause, due to hormonal imbalances a woman undergoes. Finally, numerous infections may trigger blisters, when wounds are left untreated.

Treatments for Blisters on the Lip

The first action you may take is applying an ice-cube onto a forming blister. This way, you will provoke a tingling or burning sensation which is a sign of a blister being inhibited. On the other hand, you might opt for aloe vera gel, which has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Take the pulp and apply it onto the troublesome spot.

If your lifestyle is causing blisters and low immunity, do your best to change it. Learn how to become more relaxed. Yoga or meditation can both prove to be helpful techniques for these purposes. Also, keep your lips safe from excessive sun or cold, protecting them with lip balms with zinc oxide. Placing a moistened tea bag onto the troublesome spot can prove to be helpful as well.

Tooth Brushing and Proper Diet

Pay attention to the way you brush your teeth. Sometime, violent brushing can lead to injuries and, thereby, blisters. Finally, a diet rich in vitamin C is bound to keep you safe from infections and to boost your weakened immunity.

During your treatment of this problem, in order to avoid exposing the lip blister, you might want to conceal it with lipstick, lip balm or other types of cosmetic products.

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