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A Troublesome Fit

Sweating may be quite uncomfortable,especially when in the situations when you might be seen by someone else.Therefore, even though the most common area for sweating includes ourface, hand and feet sweating may be equally distracting. Even if noone else is able to see your sweating in these areas, you yourselfare aware of them. Thus, once you are experiencing excessivesweating in hands and feet, you will be unable to focus upon what youare doing. Finally, some people might get embarrassed by sweatingexcessively in public, regardless of which part of their body iscausing the problem. As far as hands are concerned, handshaking, oneof the main means of human greeting, may get extremely unpleasant ifone of the two people has sweaty hands. For all these reasons, andmany more, you might want to read on and find out about someexcellent techniques for keeping your hands and feet dry.

Methods for Stopping Hands and Feetfrom Sweating

Firstly you might considerplacing both your hands and feet into starch and applying anantiperspirant on the troublesome surfaces afterwards. This willsurely be useful since your sweat glands will get numb, thustriggering a temporal cessation of the whole annoying process ofsweating. In order to reduce or stop these sweats, you may want toconsider repeating this action every day. However, bear in mind that,if you are unable of tolerating the irritation and burningantiperspirants may cause, you might exchange them for aloe vera gel,or some, more gentle powders.

Next, comes iontophoresis. This is aprocess involving sending minor electric shocks to your sweat glands,causing them to go numb. This is done by means of a special devicemade for these purposes. Once you have mounted the device, place yourhands or your feet in a container filled with water and experiencethe significant decrease of sweating afterwards.

Finally, the most radical and, thereby,most costly procedure involves surgery. Those who desire permanent ormore long lasting solutions should opt for this. This surgery meansremoval of the sweat nerves from one's hands, therefore stopping thewhole continual sweating process. In most cases, this sweatingcessation is permanent and, once the operation had been performed,you will never have problems with sweating in these areas again.

Alternatively, for treating excessivefeet sweating, you might want to change the type of socks you areusing, since cotton ones are the best since they provide your feetadequate respiration. As for the hands, you might consider wearingtissues for wiping whenever you need your hands to be dry.

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