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Pores are openings of our skin which can vary in size from one person to another. Some cosmetic products may be labeled as capable of reducing the size of your pores, but this is not possible. Nevertheless, you can make your pores less visible. You might want to take this into consideration, since our pores grow bigger as we age, due to loss of our skin's elasticity.

Dry Skin and Big Pores

Dry skin is usually caused by environmental changes like dry or cold air. Nevertheless, this is a condition taking place once the outer layer of the skin is not getting enough water. Thus, summer weather can trigger dry skin too, even though the humidity of this period often keeps the skin properly hydrated. Once dry skin affects a person, he/she notices rough skin, prone to peeling, cracking and flaking, being itchy and bothersome.

If dry skin is combined with big pores, this usually takes its toll on self-confidence of the affected person. Namely, people with dry skin and big pores may not want to expose their faces to the public eye, keeping themselves secluded, avoiding close human contact.

Fortunately, this problem can be effectively dealt with, by following several preventive and protective steps.

Treatment for Dry Skin and Big Pores

In order not to make matters worse, make sure you keep your hands off your face. Do not touch it since this way you may transfer harmful microorganisms from your hands to your face, triggering infections.

Alternatively, these infections may take place due to excessive skin oil being produced, clogging the pores. This oil can be washed away through hot showers. Yet, you do not want to do this since this will only make your skin more dry. Rather, keep your face clean by washing it in warm water, through short exposure.

Taking into consideration that dry skin can be triggered by dehydration, drink plenty of water during the day.

Keep in mind that, once you have big pores, there is a great chance that some parts of your body are oily while others are dry. Thus, use oil-free facial cleaners which are made for combination skin type. Additionally, use skin moisturizers within three minutes after your showers.

Finally, you can seek help through cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, which remove the outer layers of your skin, making the pores less noticeable, keeping your face safe from acne. Dermabrasion is the process which can have the same effect, reducing the visible size of your pores.

If you want, you can contact your dermatologist and ask for additional pieces of advice for preventing dry skin and big pores.

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