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My Hands and Feet are Always Cold!

There are many people troubled by thissensation. Namely, they experience their hands and feet to be verycold most of the time. For some reason, young girls are the groupmost prone to developing this problem, even though all sexes and agesmay experience it at some points of their lives. Since it does notlook like something serious, and the coldness comes and goes, manypeople decide to neglect this problem and do not consider it a problemat all. On the other hand, some individuals experience this coldnessconstantly and get worried by it, since they do not know what iscausing this phenomenon. In fact, many different underlying healthproblems may be behind cold feet and hands. Thus, it might be nothingto worry about, while, at the same time, you might need immediatemedical assistance. Anyway, the following lines will give their bestto shed some light on this mysterious state of affairs.

Reasons behind Cold Hands and Feet

First of all, low blood circulation maybe the cause of your limb coldness problem. Discoloration may also betriggered by this state of affairs. Nevertheless, the problem mightbe more serious since one may be suffering from Raynaud's syndrome,having his/her body temperature changed drastically with every changeof temperature in the atmosphere. Stress belongs to the list ofpossible causes as well, along with cold and fevers.

Anemia, which is iron deficiency, isanother often diagnosed cause of coldness felt in one's hands andfeet. Since this problem is closely related to the heart and theentire cardiovascular system, some problems related to these may bethe reasons behind the coldness too. Additionally, a parasiteinfection or a thyroid gland problems may both be responsible forone's cold hands and feet.

What Can One Do about It?

The treatment depends on the underlyingcause. Thus, upon experiencing prolonged coldness in your hands andfeet, you are highly advised to pay your doctor a visit. Upon beingexamined, your doctor will check for most probable causes of thisproblem. Then, you might be prescribed with medications to treatthese problems in order to better the circulation of blood to handsand feet and restore the warmth in these areas, or supplements inorder to fight anemia. Also, other medications and therapies may beprescribed for solving other problems related to this phenomenon.

Finally, before thinking the worse, trywearing gloves and extra thick socks while spending time outdoors andmake sure you cut down on your coffee, cigarette and alcohol intake.The coldness might disappear along with these unhealthy lifestylehabits.

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