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Blood Circulation in Our Body

We need blood circulating through ourbody normally in order to be healthy and function properly. However,if this is not possible, for any given reason, our body will let usknow that something is wrong. Most often, we feel numbness in ourextremities whenever we suffer from poor circulation. This numbnessand tingling sensations can easily be dealt with by moving our limbsso that the blood continues circulating. Unfortunately, sometimes, thisis not enough and the strange sensations continues numbing our sensessince there is something obstructing our free flow of blood throughthe limbs. Then, you are not to wait but, rather, to seek medicalassistance as soon as possible since there is absolutely no way youcould diagnose your condition on your own. Upon visiting your doctor,he/she will perform necessary examinations of your body, trying tofind the reason behind your blood circulation problem. One he/shefinds the cause, you will be given an adequate treatment. Therefore,timely reacting is crucial for getting this potentially dangeroushealth problem solved.

Facts about Poor Circulation in Handsand Feet

Since many different factors may beinvolved in the development of this condition, you will be tested forhypertension, diabetes, cholesterol levels, as well as gland andnerve functions. The doctor will also ask you about your eating andlifestyle habits, seeking any possible problems in these aspects ofyour physical and mental health. Sometimes, a pinched nerve might becausing your numbness and poor blood circulation, especially inhands. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also a possible condition causingblood circulation problems in our upper extremities. Additionally,cardiovascular diseases may be some of many underlying causes of thisphenomenon. Moreover, drinking coffee may cause this uncomfortablenumbness, along with direct injuries, kidney and liver problems andmany others.

Possible Treatment of Poor BloodCirculation in Hands and Feet

Exercising and eating healthy can help.There are special diets and exercise regimes which are designed tohelp people suffering from this condition. Your doctor is the bestperson to recommend you these after examining you properly.

As for other ways of treatment,avoiding sitting or staying in same positions for long can be veryhelpful and a good preventive measure. Herbal tests are also excellentfor these purposes since they better your blood circulationsignificantly. Ginger, elderflower, lime blossom and yarrow can beadded to the herbal teas for even better results. Finally, eatinggarlic, watermelons, pumpkins and pumpkin seeds is recommended inthese situations. Also, keep your limbs and extremities warm andcomfortable at all times.

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