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For those who are entering the gym for the first time, it wouldbe smart to be well prepared with information! Nothing else, exceptsome motivation and some gear is needed. Gym is a place that should be usedmaximally each time a person is there and that cannot be done without someserious workout plan.

Exercises and use of gym

Gym can be used to create two types of body. One is a leanbody, with strong muscles but without any bulking up effect. This is done withcardio exercises, which includes the use of treadmill (jogging) and with loweradditional weight that can be used for forms with many repetitions in a set.Since only lower weight can be used, number of repetitions should be as highas possible. Since low strength is needed, the oxygen flow is constant, whichenables long duration of the sets.

The second type of body is all about bulking up effect. Musclemass is increased thanks to the intensive, fast, explosive contraction, whichdoes not allow the use of oxygen. This is anaerobic type of exercise and the onlything that prevents the exercise to be continued for a long period isaccumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which causes exhaustion.

Workout and use of barbell

For those who are interested in building muscle mass, it isimportant to say that there are few basic exercises that should be done. Basicmuscle groups that must be worked out are abs, arms, pecs and legs. Pecs aredone with the barbell bench press, an exercise that should be implemented inall possible working out schedules. Why is that? Probably because of the factthat the entire torso and arms too are very active while performing thisexercise. The main thing is the bench. Since there is no need to use energy fora standing position, all the energy is focused on the exercise. Also, no bodyjerking is allowed with barbell bench press, only the use of hand, and that isanother benefit of this exercise. Furthermore, there are several variations ofthe barbell bench press that are great for additional workout of thepectoralis area, for activating those muscles that are not affected with thestandard form. Position of the hands on the barbell is at the shoulder width, but it can also be moved wider or narrower, which also causes additional strainand activates the same muscles in a slightly different way.

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