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When a woman is pregnant she will experience an array of pains, sores, aches and generally a feeling of tiredness. Some women will say their pregnancy was a dream but most will tell you about the sleepless nights and the aches to go with it. In the later stages of pregnancy many women will complain of pain in their hips however the information available about this issue is seldom due to the lack of research that has been done on the pregnant woman’s behalf. There are some ways you can help yourself with the pain management.

The Causes of Hip Aches and Pains During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant her body will immediately release hormones into her system, these hormones along with many other tasks will relax the woman’s muscles and joints in preparation for the delivery. This process starts straight away however it does not usually affect women until later on in their pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses the uterus and other close areas obviously grow which in turn will alter one’s position when walking, standing, laying and sitting. This happens because the body is responding to the relaxin that is now present, the relaxin’s job is to assist the pelvis in movement. However, this can unfortunately affect your resistance to injury thus causing the hip pains.

How to Treat Hip Pain During Pregnancy at Home

Most of the pregnant women say they have the most of the hip pains during the nighttime whilst trying to sleep. An easy method to relieve this ache is by using the support of a body pillow. This will sit between your legs and under the stomach whilst in the sleeping position, it will offer support and comfort allowing your hips to stay open. Some women find they have to sleep in a semi lie back position, in this case placing a pillow behind your back will offer you the support you need and it will take the pressure off of the hips.

How Professionals Can Assist in the Treatment of Hip Pain During Pregnancy

If you are experiencing pain when doing simple movements such as bending or walking then you may want to see a physical therapist who can provide you with exercises that can help strengthen your pregnant body. A certified chiropractor can also assist you if the pain is coming from a hip that has been pushed out of alignment. Sometimes a massage will help ease the pain, but make sure you use the correct oils and have a professional who is experienced at pregnancy massages.

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