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Information on Night Hip Pain

Many people experience this medical condition and it can be rather frustrating because interferes with one’s ability to have a good night’s sleep and it may also cause uneasiness the day after.

The condition may indicate certain other medical conditions that affect the pelvic region. Most problems with painful hips occur during the night and they usually get worse as the night slowly advances. Some cases cannot be helped by using over-the-counter painkiller medications. It is very difficult to diagnose hip pain, which also makes it a very difficult medical condition to treat as well.

The symptoms of the condition include sharp pain in the hips which can be accompanied by excessive sweating and an inability to sleep.

Causes of Night Hip Pain

Night hip pain can be triggered by numerous different factors and medical conditions so at times it is a real change to trace its exact cause. Some cases may include hip fracture surgery, but it also may be a good indication of some chronic underlying bone disease in the hip.

Certain less severe cases may indicate improper posture or excessive exercising. Acute cases require immediate medical attention. One of the most common causes of night hip pain may include different types of muscle strains. Those who experience night hip pain on those days when they attend the gym need to pay closer attention to their workout regime.

It may be just too much. Stretching more than the body can take may cause strain on the muscles and that includes those located at the hip or pelvic area. Exertion, groin pulls, muscle pulls and hamstrings are some of the exercises that seem to put the largest amounts of strain on these muscles. Another medical condition which may be associated with an unexplainable hip pain which affects person during the night is called osteonecrosis. It is recognized by a sharp pain that affects the area that surrounds the hip joint.

The condition is caused by constrained blood flow to the bone cells. This actually causes the bone to become weaker and it is normally affiliated with the process of aging.

Another condition that may cause night hip pain is called hip bursitis. It can be characterized by inflammatory conditions that affect the area that surrounds the hip. It may be accompanied by pain and stiffness as well. Arthritis may also be the cause of night hip pain in both men and women.

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