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Many women suffer from hip pain in pregnancy. Hip pain has a tendency to increase as your pregnancy goes on, and can be an obstacle during the day, as you are going about your activities, and can give you trouble sleeping at night. Progesterone is responsible for a relaxation of all your joints and ligaments. It is obvious how this can help you give birth more easily, but unfortunately, this same process is also responsible for hip pain. Is there anything you can do about hip pain in pregnancy?

You can't really cure hip pain, because it is caused by looser joints and ligaments. But the good news is that there are steps you can undertake to make things a little easier on you. Wearing nice, supportive shoes with a flat sole is one of those things, and paying attention to your posture, which is always important, is another. The position you sleep in can make a lot of difference as well. Many pregnant women with hip pain say that their hips improve when they sleep on their sides with bent legs. Maternity pillows can also come in handy, because they enable you to sleep in the position that is most comfortable for you. During the day, you can let people pamper you without feeling guilty - hip pain gets better when you are off your feet, so the more you relax, the better. If you have already gone on maternity leave, you can use this time to satisfy your reading habit, or feed your internet addiction!

Exercise can also be a real help when it comes to hip pain. Especially swimming is good, because it strengthens all of the muscles without putting a strain on them. Yoga is another great exercise for pregnant women with hip problems. And finally, changing your diet can help your hips improve. Calcium and magnesium can really help the hip pain take its leave.

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