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When a woman becomes pregnant there are many joys to experience, unfortunately there are also many side effects to put up with as well. The side effects of pregnancy can differ from person to person and consist of such conditions like headaches, sickness, tenderness, tiredness, pain in the round ligament etc. It is common for a pregnant woman to complain about pains in her abdominal region and usually this can be due to the round ligament. It is perfectly normal for the body to change shape and adjust to the growing fetus thus causing discomfort and pain. However, as common as it is, it is still highly advisable to talk to your doctor so they can ensure the pain isn’t coming from another cause.

The Causes of Pregnancy Round Ligament Pain

When the round ligament stretches it causes a pregnant woman pain in her pelvic region and more often than not this will happen on the right hand side of the woman’s pelvis. As you can imagine, as the baby grows inside of a pregnant woman, her ligaments which are there in the abdomen to hold organs such as the uterus in place, will become stretched. This stretching motion will in turn pull on the nerve fibers that are in contact thus causing pain. When suffering with the ligament spasms you can feel a very intense sharp pain and this pain can even cause you to wake up in the night or you can experience it while doing some form of exercise.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Round Ligament Pain

Although, the pain from a stretching round ligament can be somewhat severe, it can be confused with other causes such as appendicitis which is an inflammation of the appendix that is situated in your right lower abdomen. The symptoms of this may be a poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, fever, and worsening pain. If appendicitis is the cause of your pain, another symptom will be the pain moving higher into the abdomen as the uterus grows. Another cause of pain in pregnancy can be due to pain in the ovaries or even cysts.

When to Seek Out Medical Care

Your doctor will be able to assess you on the description of the symptoms you are experiencing and he or she will be able to make a decision whether to send you to the emergency department or not. If you experience fever, chills or pain whilst urinating then seek medical attention straight away.

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