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One of the possible problems women may experience during the later stage of the pregnancy is the hip pain. This is a problem very common for the third trimester, and this topic has not been discussed about and even studies have avoided this issue. We will see what information is present today about this problem.


The muscles and joint are softened during the pregnancy due to the hormone release by our body, and this is a process of the preparation for the delivery. The body is preparing itself for the delivery, and even during the first trimester, the process of hormone release is performed. But, most women notice problems during the third trimester. Due to these changes, the body posture may be impaired and the uterus and the body will continue to grow and expand. The body will also have relaxin and this may lead to different reactions, since the ligaments may respond very differently to this situation. The pelvis will be aided by the relaxin in the body, to be more prepared for the delivery, but it will also make the body susceptible to an injury that may lead to hip pain.


If you are suffering from a hip pain during pregnancy, there is nothing to be afraid of since elimination of this problem is very easy. As we have mentioned, bad posture will probably be present and it will lead to hip pain felt during the sleep. Also, this type of pain may be caused due to the insufficient support for the joints located around the pelvis. If the pain is caused by some of the mentioned problems, try using a full body support pillow that needs to be placed under the abdomen and between the legs. Also, you may place a pillow behind your back, or try sleeping in a semi reclined position. These are some of the methods that have been proved effective in some cases.

Try to avoid activities such as bending, excessive walking, or exercising, since they can make the problem worse. Consult a professional and see which activities you can and which you cannot do. Also, walking may cause problems, but doctors advise it anyway. Use of certified chiropractor is also advised or you can use some gentle manipulation. This may bring some relief from the problems such as back pain and headache as well. You can ask insurance company for a referral or you can try to find on your own a chiropractor who has experience with pregnant women. Another way of relieving this pain is with a help from massage therapist in a spa center. The pain can be decreased if pelvis and hips are aligned and you can achieve this with prenatal yoga or palates. Be patient with these exercises and the result will come.

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