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There is too much research done on actual hip pain in pregnancy. There is information on just about every other sort of pain, discomfort and ache. Hip pain can cause plenty of cries though and there are solutions on how to elevate some of the discomfort and ways you can prevent it as well.

Causes of Hip Pain in Pregnancy

As you probably know already during pregnancy your body changes incredibly and creates lots of hormones that do various things to your body, one being loosening your muscles which is done to get you ready for the big day. These hormones are often released in the first 3 months of the pregnancy however they don’t normally bother women until the later stages of the pregnancy. Because your body will be changing and this will make you inevitably sit, walk, stand and sleep in a different posture which poses the possibility of causing you an injury and maybe even pain in the hip area.

Treating Hip Pain in Pregnancy

A lot of women will complain of the hip pain bothering them especially at night while their trying to get some sleep. This is more than likely because of the position of the body, so why not try putting a pillow between the knees and then lying in the fetal position. There are also plenty support belts and pillows in the shops than can help with the pain while sleeping, sitting and generally walking. If you have a bed that will semi recline this may help.It is important to stay on mobile and take part in light exercise but more importantly to do them correctly with the appropriate stretching techniques. If you exercise too much or too hard you may be aggravating or causing the hip pain. Seek out a professional to guide you in exercise techniques and perhaps go to your local gym and swimming pool to take part in the pregnancy classes such as yoga. Your hip pain may need to be assessed by a certified chiropractor to receive a little manipulation in your pregnancy. To find the right one, you see GP and get one that is recommended.If you have a spa in your area try visiting it and find out if one of the therapists are qualified in giving pregnancy massages. There are cautions you need to take when having a massage such as the pressure and the oils used.

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