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Conceivingand odds for pregnancy

While it isgenerally considered that sex will almost always result in pregnancy, the factremains that the sperm only manages to successfully fertilize the egg in 25percent of the attempts. Many methods can be employed to increase the chancesof conception.

Methodsassisting Conceiving

The mostfortuitous time to attempt conception is from the 12th till the 20th day of theovulation cycle. A host of methods for determining the time of ovulation exist,and it is advised to utilize one of these to create a correct time schedule forthis. During this period daily sex is advised, and bi daily in the case of thesperm count not being sufficient. 48 hours should pass between a non-relatedejaculation of the man and the fertile period of the woman. Oral sex should beavoided if possible, as saliva potentially slows down the sperm's movement. Spermcan be slowed down with ease, so aiding its movement with lubricants and oilsis recommended. Note that lubricants, even when not containing spermicidalsubstances like nonocynol-9, can hold other ingredients poisonous to sperm.ConceivEase, a gynecologist developed product, is recommended when attempting toconceive. Utilizing natural treatments like herbs and vitamins can improve bothsperm count in men and regulation of the ovulation cycle in women.

Sexual positionsfor aiding Conceiving

Some amountof controversy has been attributed to the effect of sexual positions on conceiving.While the opinion of a large number of persons is that gravitation pull cangreatly assist in the procedure of conceiving, there are no scientific facts provingthese claims. Vaginal mucus is the main mean of assisting sperm movement on theway to the egg. A position such as when the woman is on top is not advisable. A Toni Weschler (MS) claims that sexual relations from behind, with thewoman positioned on the hands and knees, can give the sperm more access to thecervix, when exhibiting a case of a tipped uterus. It is also suggested to raisethe hips after sexual relation, by placing a pillow underneath the woman’s hipsfor 15 to 20 minutes. This assists thesperm in arriving to the cervix. A specialized infertility pillow is notrequired, and neither is raising legs up into the air. Avoiding baths and hot water is critical, asthis can lower the production rate of sperm and possibly lead to the sperm notentering far enough. Another untested method involves the need for the woman toachieve orgasm, theoretically aiding the movement of sperm due to orgasminduced contractions.

To converseand communicate with persons dealing with similar issues it is advised to joinan online Infertility Support Group such as Endometriosis, Miscarriage, and Pregnancyor PCOS.

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