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Facts about Waist Pain During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience waist pain. What is more, this condition becomes more prominent during the last trimester of their pregnancy. The pain itself can be quite strong and provide serious amounts of discomfort. Also, the pain may move from the waist area down to the legs and buttocks, intensifying itself this way. Sometimes, waist pain may be a real nightmare for a pregnant woman, creating a need for seeking medical assistance to try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Reasons behind Waist Pain in Pregnancy

One of the most common causes for these problems are the female hormones. Namely, during pregnancy, a woman's body needs to prepare for the delivery, then the female organism releases hormones which make their ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles more relaxed in order to deal with the tension of going through labor. In return, these tissues provide less support to the back, leading to waist pain due to excessive stress placed upon it. Moreover, a woman's uterus grows at this time, in order to support the soon-to-be-born baby; this adds weight on to our waist, putting pressure on the nerves, resulting in the increased pain.

Furthermore, pregnant women experience physical changes. Their bellies grow larger since there is new life developing in the area and they have trouble walking. This leads to bad posture which is bound to give rise to waist pain.

Finally, general weight gain, which is expected during pregnancy, places yet another emphasis on the waist, causing pain and straining. Even though giving birth is wonderful, women are often scared of the unknown, and are under stress, wanting everything to be in order. This stress is likely to make their muscles in the waist area stiffer, contributing to the appearance of other problems related to this part of a woman's body.

How to Deal with Waist Pain During Pregnancy?

If you start experiencing waist pain, make sure you give yourself a bit of rest. Limit your walking, climbing, bending and similar actions so as not to cause any worsening of your waist pain.

A warm bath can prove to be effective for removal of this annoying pain. Alternatively, you might want to treat yourself with a personal professional prenatal massage. On the other hand, during initial months of your pregnancy, you might want to exercise a bit, in order to get your waist muscles in good form. Finally, learn how to relax and fight stress. Prenatal yoga or meditation may help and while you are lying down or sleeping, place a pillow beneath your back, in order to provide additional support to your hips, removing pain due to overstraining.

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