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There are many different aches and pains women go through in their pregnancy and each case is difference from the next. However if you are specifically suffering from pain in the groin area there are some home treatments you can do to help alleviate the pain.

Firstly simply try an ice pack or go the other route and apply heat. Warm baths always seem to help with any pains and aches and also try using a pregnancy pillow at night. If you have a look around the shops and tale to a professional you will find some great pregnancy belts and perhaps some herbal medicines. The more expensive options would be to attend a massage session or acupuncturist or simply ask your partner to use some of those pregnancy soreness release techniques.

How to Prevent Groin Pain during Pregnancy

There are many ways medical herbal and home remedies that can assist you in relieving the pain. However more often than not they will reduce the pain not completely eradicate it.

Firstly pregnant women should know to always wear sensible shoes high heels can contribute to the pain you may be suffering with in the groin also it is important whether your pregnant or not to practice using a correct posture when sitting standing and walking.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article pregnancy belts can support you and help to prevent any discomfort. A great tip when you are sleeping is to go into the fetal position and put a pillow between your knees. Again this next one is important to anyone pregnant or not always use the correct lifting techniques which means use the knees bent and back straight however if pregnant obviously it’s better that you don’t do any lifting. If you go to your local gym or swimming pool there may be classes specially designed for pregnant women such as water yoga this will help strengthen up the muscles and help with mobility and while you’re there see if they have a spa which provides pregnancy massages. Make sure that you drink loads of fluid preferably water and take are to give yourself the right amount of calcium and magnesium. Most importantly is to relax put your feet up and take breaks throughout the day.

Causes of Groin Pain During Pregnancy

Your body goes through immense changes throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. An increase of a variety of hormones that basically loosen up your muscles which inevitably gets your body ready for the big day. Each day of your pregnancy the baby is getting bigger and bigger thus putting for pressure and strain on your pelvis which will cause you to have to use your muscles in a different fashion. As well as the baby growing so are you will be gaining weight which also adds to the pressure on your hips and pelvis. Stress is an obvious one whenever we’re stressed we get pains and aches which is why its so important to put your feet up and watch the world go by. It is important though to follow your heart and its always better to be careful and aware of your body. If the pain increases you have spotting or you feel cramping the see your GP.

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